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Beta Ends In THREE Days!

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Beta Ends In THREE Days! Empty Beta Ends In THREE Days!

Post by RaTs on Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:35 pm

As you may know, our beta period has extended to March 1st due to some recent happenings in my family. Please continue to recruit members, and if you do, you will now earn 800 cakes rather than 250 cakes and you may have an upper spot on the staff.

Other Updates-
We have made some permanent signs for forums and topics, and we're still working on Staff Icons and Online notifiers, along with New Post Alerts.

IF you have any further questions, please PM or email me. Beta Ends In THREE Days! 616864

Also, I'd like to notify members that the markup guide will be done in a while. Beta Ends In THREE Days! 616864

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